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Intelligent Customer Generated Content

Add Jellee to your store in 15 minutes and your top customers are now your sales team.

Customers can add posts to your store from their favorite platforms:

How Does It Work?

Add Jellee to your store from the Shopify App Store and start creating galleries for any pages on your site.

Incentivize your customers to add media with commission-based sales on impressions and clicks.

Upload Media & Tag Products

Approve User-Generated Media

Display Anywhere On Your Site

Responsive, Adaptable Design

Auto-Optimized To Show The Best Performing Media

Create Offers For Commission-Based Conversions

Invite Your Loyal Customers To Sell For You

Enhance Your Influencer Marketing

Social proof

“37% of consumers trust influencers over brands.”


Social proof

Brands still aren’t getting the most out of the influencers they are using.


Coming Soon

Add influencer marketing directly to your store.

Bypass the need to search and discover creators on social media. Ask your own customers to post for you and reward them with gift cards or custom percentage-based commissions.

  • 4 Unique gallery starter templates
  • Fully immersive vertical scrolling

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Work In Progress

Get A Taste

Jellee media galleries can be shared on any page, including your home page. Share them as clickable stories (above), as tiles, or as individual reels.
Note: The gallery feature is still in development!

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